Wisteria Pattern


A craft e-book by WindowPainting.Org.

Interior & Exterior Applications for Windows, Murals & Trompe L'oeil!

Fabulous Wisteria to Paint at Home & Commercially


Comprehensive instructions for beginners to achieve beautiful results!


 Simple techniques for painting on Windows Walls & Stonework


You are a million miles away from a stencil;

This is far more forgiving far more simple and much more lovely.






   If you are a novice, fear not, far easier than you imagine!


This painting will go quick once you figure your vines;

None of the wisteria shown here took more than an hour to paint!


 Choose the Colour for this Dream Project;

Wisteria Flowers can be done elegantly in White, Lavender, Pink or Blue.



What I really love about wisteria is the freedom of design it offers for painting.

Vines like it will twine to fit many an area.










You are purchasing a fine art impressions complete e-pattern packet from which you can make your own sponges

for painting natural looking wisteria along with full instructions for painting the design from start to finish.


 Included are 8 reversible diagrams for branch placement.

*You will also need the following items which are not included.*

Chosen paint colours;

A 12 x 8 inch foam sponge (as in couch cushions or camping sleeping pad, flexible 2 to 3 inches thick)

 throwaway polly-foam brush (or substitutes)

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