Frost and Scroll Grab-bag


FROST and SCROLL (Easy clean up) 


Rights to Commercially Paint our Scroll Designs are Unavailable in parts of Idaho, Design may only be Painted for Buyers Home Use in Idaho and Ontario Oregon without express permissions.

Light Airy and Elegant. Perfect for the Holidays or for a Special Effect Year Round! 

 Just putting this out there as I know a few people want to use this as a quick effect. The patterns offered here are limited but the rights to work the designs from the photos are complete within the contract specifications. We will offer a more comprehensive set before next Christmas, but for those of you who would like to try your hand you can't beat the price for  the rights to play with our multifaceted scroll. This page really needs some work and better pictures, better pictures were to small a size and the webmaster has to sleep and work elsewhere. Anyone wanting to get this small set will be alerted when the better pictures are up...

Beautiful Painted on Interior Mirrors and Glass Cabinets




Our Frost and Scrolls designs are quick to master and to paint. They appear as original antique applications against dark woods. The richer the look of the wood the more believable its vintage antique, superb on mirrors.




Practicly Impervious to Graffiti


Excellent Commercial Uses 

Some Advantages to Painting our Frost & Scroll Designs


Design need not be taken down after Christmas



 These Designs can easily be incorporated with floral work, alone or with other decorative elements they often look Victorian because of the lacy effect, how they appear depends on the surrounding decor.

Please note that the frost is almost invisible in many of the pictures as it is difficult to photograph. It is not nessacary for the scroll work.

Frost and Scroll


White Paint (tempera or acrylic)

 2” disposeable foam brush  

 Ice Crystals: Homeade or Canned

Pin Stripe Brush (optional)

(See Library File; Basic Paints & Tools for foam brushes & crystal specifics)




Only the owner of copyright in a work has the right to prepare, or to authorize someone else to create, a new version of that work. Accordingly, you cannot claim copyright to another’s work, no matter how much you change it, unless you have the owner’s consent. U.S. Copyright Office


  Please note Copyright infringement denotes "substantial similarity" to someone else’s creation in whole or in part.

This product is delivered as a compressed 45MB ZIP file, which contains several different patterns. Patterns are in Adobe Reader PDF format, you will need a PDF viewing application to view them. This pattern will not work with our Pattern Sizer that lets you enlarge patterns since it's already set to the size it should be painted. There are normal and Ink Saver versions of almost every pattern. There are also mirrored versions of every pattern so that you can paint the opposite side easily. You get access to all of them with this one purchase.


By purchasing this pattern, you agree to abide by the Contract. Click here to view this contract. 

The most notable limitations in the contract are:  These design elements may not be displayed publicly in the Treasure Valley of Idaho. For permissions to paint this commercially elsewhere in Idaho please contact us.

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