Questions about lettering

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Questions about lettering

Questions about lettering

by cherrera » Wed Jun 04, 2008 4:11 pm


I've been working on a small window job and have had to remove the lettering on a gift certificate image I did three times.


The first time, I painted the lettering first then tried to fill in the background. Obviously that was a mess. The second time I just tried to do freehand lettering and ended up removing it because it didn't look right. The third time, I set the background down (white base) and tried freehand penciling for the letters as a guide. That was a mess too.


So now, I'm supposed to go back on Friday and finish the thing and am wondering how to make it work. Any suggestions?

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Repost from Ori...
Questions about lettering

Re: Questions about lettering

by roadrunnersigns » Wed Jul 02, 2008 7:01 pm


I would make a paper pattern of the design. Tape it to the outside of the window (as long as it is not tinted) then outline/letter everything in exterior flat acrylic paint. Once it is totally dry fill in your colors, again using acrylic if it is completely set. To be extra cautious I would use oil based paints for all the fill in work. Oil will not lift any of the acrylic paint. Good Luck.

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Pretty well recommended..and

Pretty well recommended..and yes Oil paint would work best for that!!


Oil based paint is really

Oil based paint is really good for any kind of painting. It can be used for rendering and lettering.



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