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Painter Poetry


Carole Barrietua: Recycled Poetry was created as a result of Carole’s (my Mothers) generosity of freely giving art instruction to any interested party. I have scanned 175 pages of her poetry including her Painting Windows poem into a book format. We recycled her poems as she had already decorated them up and her mind has turned to her musings... If you go to Amazon to see this creation be sure and use look inside feature, it is sweet and uplifting and some of it is uncanny, it is art.

"Above The Mind Romance of A Different Kind" 

Completely handwritten and lightly illustrated by a painter poet who accidentally wrote a book!

By  Carole Oberst Barrietua

(below are a couple of reviews written by friends)


The poetry of Carole captivates with great scope of the art wherein
she chooses to express herself. What is a poem after all but the words
written in musical rhythm. These poems have the texture and strength
of silk, they sing. They have a delicious taste that lingers in our
minds. We can be so comforted by them. I will read these poems again
and again and so will you.
Judith Shannon, poet and editor,  aka - Judith Shannon Paine.

I first knew Carole through a mutual friend in the early eighties in
Donnelly, a beautiful and graceful, soft-spoken lady. In those days
she expressed her compassion through her love for animals. She spent
countless hours each week at her “Pet Swap” on the street corners of
McCall, finding homes for surrendered and stray dogs and cats. Genteel
and introspective in nature, gratitude for life has always played a
big part in all that she thinks and does, and the poetry in this book
expressing that is found in works such as “My World.” In her waking
dreams, where spirit crosses the veil, she hears these lovely musings,
which unfold like the flowers of a springtime mind.
                 -- Lois Fry, Musician and Writer.

Virtual Poetry

Beauty and Strength are a window of respect for life.
Strength is a window to your soul as it sits in the seat of its purpose.
And beauty is regard for the same, it remains beyond youth in all of its graces,
beauty's the knowledge of truth in ones life.


I write under various names on a site I put up to look at my language. I am pretty wild with a pen (kinda goofy with a brush)...

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