Call For Artists

If you are an artist: we invite you to consider us as a venue to market your original artwork using our limited use contracts or your own. There are no fees to artists for any service we may render them except that we will receive a determined percentage from their sales as patterns.


 As I have been transferring data from the old forums onto this new website, I know the value of proven design elements for many a novice. Many a seasoned painter would be willing to pay the pattern price for the right to replicate a winning design they could execute quickly with extreme profit.

Additionally if a client buys a pattern with the rights to create a derivative line or accidently creates one, original artist willing, derivate works may be re-patterned and sold as a venture between them. Strong design elements create a lot of opportunity and many different design features could potentially emerge from a pattern with buyers’ usage. 

(Color is easy to remove from your art for the printing process. See our contracts in the forums under for buyers and sellers, or write your own contract, sell your artwork for whatever you want. I think people who would pay $25 to $100 for something they could use a lot at Christmas. You can sell painting rights by the year or for any length of time. We will have a shop format in place in the near future, near being relative. Please use the contact us feature and we will inform you. 

We have an interest in Hosting Itinerant Painters, Designers & Soothsayers who might not otherwise make the Knowledge of Their Work Public. has a leaning towards signage and murals. We will be committed to serving as a vender to living artist’s designs and will strive to evolve our format so that artists should be interested in working with us as to encourage their careers through instructing novices and having their art displayed by entrepreneurs, potentially around the world as we will open translated sites.